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README2012-Jun-01 09:47:151.6Ktext/plain
README.txt2012-Jun-01 09:47:151.6Ktext/plain
These subdirectories contain formatted copies of the FreeBSD Documentation
Project documentation.
   packages/           contains pkg_add(1)'able files which integrate nicely
                       in to the FreeBSD package management system.

   <lang>.<encoding>/  contains further subdirectories corresponding to
                       the actual documentation.  Follow the path to
                       the document, format, and compression scheme you

   faq/ and handbook/  Symlinks to the English FAQ and Handbook directories,
                       as these are (probably) of most interest to potential


Documents are available in the following formats:
   html-split          A collection of small, linked, HTML files 
   html                One large HTML file containing the entire document

   pdb                 Palm Pilot database format, for use with the
                       iSilo reader, from

   pdf                 Adobe Portable Document Format

   ps                  Postscript

   rtf                 Microsoft's Rich Text Format [1]

   txt                 Plain text

In addition, documents are compressed with the GNU Zip (.gz), regular Zip
(,zip), and BZip2 (.bz2) format.

For more details, see this FAQ entry:


[1] Page numbers are not automatically updated when loading this format
    in to Word.  Press CTRL+A, CTRL+END, F9, after loading the document,
    to update the page numbers.