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README.txt2016-Jun-22 23:06:241.7Ktext/plain
Questions / comments / requests? Email

These are *UNOFFICIAL* packages we build for various FreeBSD
releases/architectures. We build these for internal use, but are making them
available to the public. These differ from the official FreeBSD packages in
the following ways:

* There is absolutely no support for these: they are totally "as-is"
* They're being built for older releases
* They're being rebuilt constantly, using the latest versions of each port
* Old package binaries are still available in the "All" directory if you need
  a specific older version of a package.

For each release/architecture there are two builds currently being made,
'default' and 'mini-nox11'.

'default' tries to build everything with default settings. 'mini-nox11'
builds everything without X11, ImageMagick, debugging, or examples.  Many
ports cannot be built under these restrictions, so they're just skipped.

The following releases/architectures are currently availiable:

10.3: i386 amd64 armv6
10.2: i386 amd64 armv6
10.1: i386 amd64 armv6
10.0: i386 amd64
9.3:  i386 amd64
9.2:  i386 amd64
9.1:  i386 amd64
9.0:  i386 amd64
8.4:  i386 amd64

To use one of our repositories, either do: (temporary - goes away when you log out)

csh:  setenv PACKAGESITE
bash: export PACKAGESITE=

or (permanent - will take effect on every new login)

csh:  echo 'setenv PACKAGESITE' >>/etc/csh.login
bash: echo 'PACKAGESITE= ; export PACKAGESITE' >>/etc/profile